Considerations When Finding Your Perfect Home

So the time has come to find the perfect home. For many, that can be a daunting task; however, with the right approach, finding the perfect home may be easier than expected.\r\n\r\nPrice\r\nThe price of a home is a major consideration when locating the perfect home. Certainly, buyers want to live comfortably in their home, but they do not want to live for their home. The price should be within budget. The prevailing rule is that a mortgage should not exceed 28% of the gross monthly income. More often than not, the price of a home is in direct correlation with the surrounding neighborhood.\r\n\r\nLocation\r\nLocation, location, location! Home buyers should carefully consider the neighborhood in which they choose to reside. For example, Couple A decide they want to live in a neighborhood with mature trees and wide streets. They are so excited they can afford a home in that neighborhood that they fail to consider the 40 minutes it will take to drive to work! Couple B finds a house in an older neighborhood. The house was built in the 1950’s and the streets are narrow, Couple B is hesitant about buying a home in the neighborhood until they discover it has the best school district in the state. Without exception, home buyers should look at the aesthetics of a location, but practical matters should also be a concern.\r\n\r\nZoning Ordinance\r\nSome urban areas allow residents to keep small farm animals in their backyard, For some, that may seem convenient, but for others, the sound of chickens clucking is not something they want to hear! That is why knowing the zoning ordinance of a residential area is a good idea. Zoning ordinance are restrictions, permissions or rules that must be adhered to by the residents in any given area. For example, a home owner may want to add a third level to their home; however if the ordinance prohibits three level structures, the home owner will be disappointed. Knowing the zoning ordinance can prevent future headaches.\r\n\r\nMany future homeowners near West Chester, PA use Provident Homes Corp to build their perfect homes. They know that Provident has a reputation of efficiency and quality. In addition, Provident Homes Corp builders know the neighborhoods of West Chester. Home buyers can relax with the knowledge that they have a professional team working to help them get their perfect home.