Welcome To Chester County, PA

For the most part, residents of Chester County live a comfortable life. Chester County residents have the highest-income of any county in Pennsylvania. Chester County residents also rank highly when compared to the rest of the USA. In the 2010 census, Chester County ranked 24th (in terms of median household income) when compared to the other 3,007 counties in the USA.\r\n\r\nThe county has a total area of 762 square miles, is largely (82%) white, and leans republican (44% republican, 37% democratic, and 17% undecided). But, what’s missing from this data is the charm and heritage of this county. Come visit Chester County and see first-hand why 500,000 people call it home.\r\n\r\nWhen William Penn established Chester County in 1682 as a part of the Pennsylvania Colony, he had no idea that the verdant spaces would continue to attract people from all walks of life purely for the sake of their beauty. Amid the wineries and public gardens, a visitor can lose himself in the festival of Mother Nature at her finest.\r\n\r\nVisitors and locals alike come to Chester Country for the array of festivals and events, fabulous food and wine, and scenic rolling hills of the Pennsylvania countryside. Specialty shops and galleries line the streets of the towns of Kennett Square, Phoenixville and West Chester. As a visitor one might taste these pleasures on a tour. As a resident, one can enjoy them year round.\r\n\r\nWorking with honesty and experience, Provident will produce a quality home with thoughtful design, proven expertise and a goal of keeping a long term relationship with you alive into the future.\r\nOur homes use the latest technology to create high quality, energy efficient homes, complete with the grace and elegance one expects in these ancient towns and villages.\r\n\r\nProvident Homes, a local Chester County builder creates communities with the perfect blend of attractive landscapes, amenities and ease of living. Working with honesty and experience, Provident Homes produces quality dwelling with thoughtful design and proven expertise. The homes take advantage of every innovation to bring about efficient results, with the grace and elegance one expects amid the scenic beauty of Chester County.