Why Build EnergySmart?

We have all heard the concerns of global warming. Many say that there is significant evidence that suggests our current energy consumption and methods are resulting in damaging effects to the environment. But, let’s not get into the climate change debate just yet. If we ignore climate change, it still makes sense to build an energy efficient home. There are several reasons why building EnergySmart is in your best interest. It makes financial sense to build an energy home. It’s a good idea, even if you’re not doing it to protect mother-nature.\r\n\r\nAn Investment That Pays Back\r\nThe initial investment in an energy efficient home can pay for itself within just the first few years. It is estimated that the average American family spends around $6000 per year on energy expenses. However, with the utilization of energy efficient measures, you can save up to 30 percent on your monthly electric bill. This translates to an annual savings of around $1800.\r\n\r\nIncreased Quality of Life\r\nOne of the primary purposes of the construction of a new home is to ensure comfort, and EnergySmart implementations can prove substantial in the improvement of your quality of life. Increased efficiency in temperature control best ensures the outside elements stay where they belong: outside. Not to mention, you will enjoy the small comforts such as the reduced stress involved when opening utility bills and less time spent replacing light bulbs.\r\nHow to Get Started\r\n\r\nIf you recognize the benefits of implementing EnergySmart technology, it is important to speak with a consultant prior to construction. They can help you plan ahead to best achieve your energy goals and comfort level to make your new home one you can best enjoy.\r\n\r\nHonesty and Experience You Can Count On\r\nWhen quality counts, our team of experienced builders can offer you energy efficient homes in the neighboring communities of West Chester, PA. Here at Provident Homes Corp., we make it our mission to use our family tradition of building experience to create long lasting relationships with our clients. You will find that our level of quality stands the test of time as you enjoy your energy efficiency features in your new home for decades to come. We understand the importance of honesty in any business dealing, and that combined with our years of experience, will allow you to enjoy a thoughtfully designed, energy efficient home.