Why Home Owners Love Open Concept Floor Plans

Arguably the fastest-growing trend in home building and remodelling is the open concept floor plan. Not that long ago, most homes featured a restricted flow with sharply delineated rooms, narrow doors and small windows. Nowadays, open floor plans are the preferred home layout thanks to the following compelling selling points.\r\n

Maximum Space for the Footprint

\r\nEasily the biggest selling point of open floor plans is the fact that they boast more interior volume than other layouts. This results in the most usable space for any given blueprint. Taking out non-load-bearing walls also makes the space feel dramatically larger.\r\n

Interior Layout Flexibility

\r\nWith the absence of extraneous walls in place, people find it far easier to quickly rearrange how their furniture is arranged. Open floor plans make tinkering with design schemes hassle-free for any given homeowner. This enables them to quickly redecorate their homes when they feel like performing a total makeover.\r\n

Affordable Construction Costs

\r\nLaying down open floor plans can be incredibly affordable due to reduced complexity and input costs. Homes with open floor plans also require less minor maintenance over time. They even make renovations easier since there are fewer walls to knock down, put up and modify.\r\n

Refined Looks for Any Style

\r\nAn open floor plan can make any domicile look more expensive whether it’s a basic raised ranch or a post-and-beam farmhouse. If you want to get more bang for your buck in the appraised property value department, an open floor plan is the way to go.\r\n

Energy Efficiency & Exposure

\r\nWhat few realize about open floor plans is that they’re great at reducing energy costs when it comes to heating and cooling. Big windows and a lack of obstructing walls allow for passive solar heating like no other. They also allow for natural light in spades deep within the recesses of any structure.\r\n

The Open Concept Renaissance

\r\nBuilders are making open floor plans adapt to any design. Topnotch outfits like Provident Homes of West Chester, PA., are incorporating these concepts into an exciting mix of open concepts and room separations.