10 Interior Design Predictions for Summer 2015

To create a warm and inviting home that looks professionally decorated, there are a few trends to follow for the coming season. From vintage tubs to windows with black trim, there are several new looks that are unexpected, but are a gorgeous addition to the home.\r\n

Statement Light Fixtures

\r\nDesigners anticipate that statement light fixtures will be used as the focal point in any room in the coming year for a bold feature that adds a bit of drama to the space.\r\n

Rustic Tables with Modern Seats

\r\nTo enhance the design of your living room, add a bit of character with a rustic table and sleek, modern chairs.\r\n

Vintage Bathtubs

\r\nTo create a rustic tone in bathrooms, vintage bathtubs with claw feet is one of the hottest trends to look out for in 2015 for the added character they contribute to the home.\r\n

Geometric Shapes

\r\nAdd a retro touch with geometric shapes, that can include honeycomb mirrors on the walls or modular furniture pieces.\r\n

Large Sectional Sofas

\r\nLiving rooms are once again becoming considered the best place to lounge in the house. Incorporate oversized sectional sofas for function and style.\r\n

Windows with Black Trim

\r\nThis style offers a contemporary look that allows houses to look classy and sophisticated.\r\n

Deep Blue Colors

\r\nThis shade creates a calming effect and is expected to be seen as a popular paint shade on the walls or with furniture pieces.\r\n


\r\nBooks are being transformed into art. Display a collection in a bookshelf, or standalone on a coffee table, to create a decorative element and add warmth in the home.\r\n

Four-Poster Beds

\r\nFour-poster beds have officially made a comeback, and reintroduce a romantic style in the bedroom that is minimal but truly gorgeous.\r\n

Washed-out Driftwood Finishes

\r\nThis trend creates a rustic tone that embraces a beachy style of decor. It’s easy to integrate in a multitude of ways: as a shelf adorned with books and art, as a focal point on a table holding candles, or even as a unique key holder – possibilities are endless.