Peace of Mind with a RWC Warranty on your New Home

One of the advantages of building a home is that everything is new, so you expect it to be years before you have to deal with typical home structural issues. But builders can make mistakes and there can be other unforeseen issues that can lead to expensive problems. With a new home warranty from RWC, you don’t have to worry about those potential issues.\r\n


\r\nOne of the biggest advantages of having a new home warranty is the security that comes with knowing you have coverage in case of a major structural defect. Many home builders provide their own warranties, but those extend typically for a year or two. Many structural construction defects might not make themselves apparent until a few years after the home was built. Having an RWC warranty in place means you have peace of mind that you won’t ever get stuck with a major repair bill.\r\n

Resale Value

\r\nOne of the best qualities of an RWC warranty is that it transfers to new owners. The warranty goes with the house, not the owners, so if the warranty period is 10 years, it will stay in place even if the house is sold throughout that period. The ability to tout to buyers that the construction warranty will stay in place, increases the value of your home and makes it easier to sell.\r\n


\r\nRWC has been writing builder construction warranties for more than three decades and has covered more than three million homes. The warranties are backed by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, which has a long track record and more than $100 million of surplus equity to back up claims. RWC allows you to get third-party assistance if there ever is a discrepancy as whether something is a defect or not.\r\n\r\nA RWC warranty means you can have confidence and peace of mind with your new home.