Up and Coming Color Trends

As home decor trends continue to evolve each year, the colors that are set to appear in homes also change for refreshing new looks that create a stunning style. Here are designer inspired shades to embrace when updating the space and feeling at home.\r\n

Mediterranean Blue

\r\nThis shade is bold and beautiful for a look that is neither masculine or feminine. It creates a semi-nautical look that is best paired with bright colors for the right balance in a room. Designers suggest pairing with gray or pink to create a balanced modern design.\r\n

Natural Gray

\r\nAlthough interior design has recently strayed away from neutral colors, natural gray is here to stay for a sleek shade that is easy on the eyes. It creates a relaxing tone in the home that is easy to group with other shades of gray without appearing overpowering or bland. Consider using gray furniture, curtains, or oversized rugs for a beautiful tone that looks high-end.\r\n

Olive Green

\r\nOlive green is a color to watch for in the coming year, and will likely be used most in kitchens for an innovative look that is unexpected. Designers suggest that it will be popular for the warm and inviting tone that it creates without looking outdated when used from the floor to the ceiling. The color can be appreciated for its beauty when paired with brass fixtures, for a modern look that is both effortless and organic.\r\n

Pastel Shades

\r\nSummer 2015 is all about going back in time with a retro design that embraces the 1960s and ’70s. Everything from pinks to mint green will be seen as a fun way to be playful with various shades from the past and allow them to clash. Designers advise that colors like orange and aqua will be grouped together to create a look that is busy but uplifting.