Building Homes that Last

There is no question that building high-quality homes in Chester County is different than it was 50 or 100 years ago. The biggest difference is that materials that were used to build back then are much too costly for most people to use now. Solid wood is rarely used for most construction and interior decor, because using it would make the cost of the home prohibitive. However, advances in science and technology have introduced many modern conveniences and new materials.\r\n

Improved Materials

\r\nGood examples of improvements are the modern windows used in new home construction. Instead of single panes of glass with a wood frame, windows are now made with double panes of glass in a synthetic frame. These windows are better insulated from the ravages of harsh weather, and they are lighter in weight. They do not absorb moisture from the air, nor do they swell because of it. They also don’t need to be painted. All of these factors make these windows better than older construction.\r\n

Bring Back Natural Wood

\r\nThere are many ways to add natural wood into your home without cutting down more trees to do it. There are many wood floors, walls and furniture pieces that are made from recycled or repurposed wood. A lot of this wood comes from deconstructed homes or buildings. Instead of being torn down, these buildings are pulled apart carefully to preserve the materials used to build them. Deconstruction of old buildings yields not only wood, but also ironwork, glass work and vintage lighting. Other materials such as bricks can also be reused if they are cleaned up after deconstruction.\r\n

Reusing Ironwork

\r\nSome of the most unique and characteristic iron grates, railings and fences can be preserved from deconstructed buildings. Most ironwork lasts for hundreds of years unless it is in a very humid or moist atmosphere. However, even if metal becomes rusty over time, the rust can be removed to restore the original finish.\r\n\r\nRepurposed materials have both a history and a character that you cannot find in new materials. You can get the best of modern techniques and technology, and solid wood or other vintage materials. The result is a very eclectic and soulful addition to a new home.