Tips on Choosing a Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is arguable the most important part of your home. As such, when designing a home, this room is often the place to start. Here are tips on choosing the right kitchen layout for your lifestyle.\r\n

Step #1: Choose a Shape

\r\nThe simplest kitchen floor plan is the I-shape. This layout places all the appliances and counters along a single wall. It’s good for small spaces, and it is affordable. A galley or corridor layout is similar to the I-shape, except that appliances and cabinets are arranged along two walls facing each other with an open space between them. This arrangement provides more space. An L-shaped layout also places appliances along two walls. However, the walls are at right angles to each other. Finally, there is the U-shape. With this configuration, work spaces and appliances are located along three walls of the kitchen. The U-shape provides significant amounts of counter and storage space.\r\n

Step #2: Calculate the Work Triangle

\r\nA work triangle is the total distance between three key points: the food preparation area, the sink and the range. The smaller the work triangle, the fewer steps you have to take when you cook. Calculating the work triangle is thus a way to gauge the efficiency of a kitchen layout. The total length of the three sides of the work triangle should be no more than 26 feet.\r\n

Step #3: Consider Other Features

\r\nThere are many of options available when choosing a kitchen layout. For example, one side can be a half wall open to your dining room, and set up as a counter or bar. Another feature you might like is an island, meaning a work space or table placed at the center of the kitchen. Islands can be convenient, but you need enough room to allow 42 to 48 inches of floor space around the island. Islands don’t work well in small layouts.\r\n\r\nTake your lifestyle into consideration when you choose a kitchen layout. If you do a lot of food preparation, a bigger kitchen is a good idea. Conversely, if you don’t cook much, a simple I-shape layout may be more practical. Contact us when you’ve decided on the best kitchen for your needs and we’ll help you find or build a home with the kitchen that’s right for you.