Tips on Choosing a Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is arguable the most important part of your home. As such, when designing a home, this room is often the place to start. Here are tips on choosing the right kitchen layout for your lifestyle.\r\n Step #1: Choose a Shape \r\nThe simplest kitchen floor plan is the I-shape. This layout places all the appliances and counters along a … Read More

How Much House Do You Need?

Historical Home Sizes \r\nThe end of the Second World War marked the start of a wave of global prosperity. Incomes rose, and our material wealth increased substantially. The average home size also grew significantly during this time period. At the end of the war, the average home was just 983 square feet. By 1970, our homes grew to 1,400. Today, … Read More

Building Homes that Last

There is no question that building high-quality homes in Chester County is different than it was 50 or 100 years ago. The biggest difference is that materials that were used to build back then are much too costly for most people to use now. Solid wood is rarely used for most construction and interior decor, because using it would make … Read More

Budgeting Tips for First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers often don’t realize the role that budgeting plays in purchasing and maintaining a home. In addition to mortgage payments, home owners need to budget for such expenses as home maintenance, homeowner’s insurance, monthly utilities, lawn care, home taxes and more. Before considering a home purchase, buyers should evaluate their finances to see if they are capable … Read More

Choosing Decor for Your New Home

If you are looking at new homes in Chester County and are leaning towards building instead of buying, then you may feel overwhelmed about decorating. Selecting the colors and patterns for an entire home all at the same time is a big job. However, there are a few methods of handling your massive job that can break it down into … Read More

Ensuring a Great New Home Buying Experience

Buying a new home is not a process that you want to rush through or take lightly. The house that you choose to purchase will be your home for many years. It will be a place where you live and relax, entertain friends, make memories, enjoy holidays and more. You want this space to be perfect for your current needs … Read More

Up and Coming Color Trends

As home decor trends continue to evolve each year, the colors that are set to appear in homes also change for refreshing new looks that create a stunning style. Here are designer inspired shades to embrace when updating the space and feeling at home.\r\n Mediterranean Blue \r\nThis shade is bold and beautiful for a look that is neither masculine or … Read More

10 Interior Design Predictions for Summer 2015

To create a warm and inviting home that looks professionally decorated, there are a few trends to follow for the coming season. From vintage tubs to windows with black trim, there are several new looks that are unexpected, but are a gorgeous addition to the home.\r\n Statement Light Fixtures \r\nDesigners anticipate that statement light fixtures will be used as the … Read More

Why Home Owners Love Open Concept Floor Plans

Arguably the fastest-growing trend in home building and remodelling is the open concept floor plan. Not that long ago, most homes featured a restricted flow with sharply delineated rooms, narrow doors and small windows. Nowadays, open floor plans are the preferred home layout thanks to the following compelling selling points.\r\n Maximum Space for the Footprint \r\nEasily the biggest selling point … Read More

Great Education Options in Chester County: Charter and Public Schools

If you are considering buying a home in Chester County, you should know about the great education options that are available in the area. Families with children should strongly consider living in Chester Country because of the outstanding school system. This county has a dozen public school districts to choose from, and several highly regarded charter schools.\r\n\r\nParents have a wide … Read More