Mortgage Loans: 3 Types to Consider for Prospective Home Owners

The recent housing boom allowed lenders to devise creative financing options that often carried an element of risk. Since then, mortgage loans have become more straight forward.\r\n\r\nHere are the three most commonly offered today:\r\n\r\nFixed-Rate\r\n\r\nFixed-rate home loans offer the security of knowing that your interest rate will not increase at any time during the duration of your loan.\r\n\r\nThese loans carry terms … Read More

Peace of Mind with a RWC Warranty on your New Home

One of the advantages of building a home is that everything is new, so you expect it to be years before you have to deal with typical home structural issues. But builders can make mistakes and there can be other unforeseen issues that can lead to expensive problems. With a new home warranty from RWC, you don’t have to worry … Read More

Mortgage Broker or Bank?

An integral part of the buying process includes finding a great lender to work with for financing and obtaining the funding needed to finalize the purchase. However, with so many different lenders, banks and brokers available to work with you on your home mortgage application, you may not know where to turn for assistance with your financing. The terms mortgage … Read More

Buying Smart: Considerations on How Much Home you can Afford

A big consideration when buying a home, naturally, is how much you can afford. This is generally calculated based on a percentage of your monthly income, your mortgage payment, and other debt.\r\n Mortgage Payment \r\nGenerally, lenders don’t want borrowers to spend more than 28 percent of their gross, pre-tax income on their core mortgage payment, which is the principal and … Read More

Ensuring the Highest Level of Quality with “GuildQuality”

Here at Provident Homes, our commitment to excellence extends to using every possible method of checking and re-checking our level of performance. If there is some way in which we can do even better than we are currently doing, we want to hear about it.\r\n\r\nNot only do we strive for rigorous self-examination to ensure and improve quality, but we have … Read More

Why Build EnergySmart?

We have all heard the concerns of global warming. Many say that there is significant evidence that suggests our current energy consumption and methods are resulting in damaging effects to the environment. But, let’s not get into the climate change debate just yet. If we ignore climate change, it still makes sense to build an energy efficient home. There are … Read More

Welcome To Chester County, PA

For the most part, residents of Chester County live a comfortable life. Chester County residents have the highest-income of any county in Pennsylvania. Chester County residents also rank highly when compared to the rest of the USA. In the 2010 census, Chester County ranked 24th (in terms of median household income) when compared to the other 3,007 counties in the … Read More

Four Smart Steps to Home Ownership

It can be so easy to find yourself falling in love at first sight when it comes to looking for your first home, but allowing your emotions to rule you can create problems. It is far better to calmly prepare yourself far in advance using these considerations for choosing your home.\r\n\r\n1. Decide Where You Want To Live\r\n\r\nWhen it comes to … Read More

Considerations When Finding Your Perfect Home

So the time has come to find the perfect home. For many, that can be a daunting task; however, with the right approach, finding the perfect home may be easier than expected.\r\n\r\nPrice\r\nThe price of a home is a major consideration when locating the perfect home. Certainly, buyers want to live comfortably in their home, but they do not want to … Read More

10 Tips for Saving a Down Payment

Improved from just a few years ago, the housing market has made a strong comeback overall. Therefore, due to the relatively low interest rates and improving job market, several people today are seriously thinking about diving into homeownership.\r\n\r\nHowever, if you want to purchase a home anytime soon, you’ll need to get serious about saving money for the down payment. Here … Read More